FH3-805 with Automation

The new Stahli FH3-805 Automation with Staubli RX 160 Robot was purpose built for round magnetic work-pieces like inner and outer Rings for balls bearings. It serves a large range from 25 to 250mm rings with height up to 80mm.

The FH3-805 machines uses two lower wheel, pinrings and carrier-sets and swivels by 180°, once a load of work pieces is ground and work pieces are exchanged by the robot Automation on the other side, to start the next cycle. The swivel motion is fast and the down time for the robot is kept to a minimum.

Ground work pieces (diameter 100mm for exaple) typically offer parallelism below 2µm, Flatness below 1µm, thickness deviation within the load of around 1-2µm. Deviation from load to load 1-2µm depending on good grinding wheels, oil temp. etc.

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